“We’re honouring the little lives lost though miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death and SIDS,” Event Organizer Karla Tancock said. “This event is really just to come together, celebrate, honour these little ones so we don’t feel alone in our community.”

Honouring these lives include taking a short walk around the park, acknowledging the infants’ names though artwork, writing notes, and releasing balloons or bubbles when their name is called.

City Manager, Diane Hunter was the one calling the names aloud, but as she says, her position as a city representative has very little to do with why she attended.

“I am here as a mother and a grandmother, and as a friend and family member that has lost a child,” Hunter said. “The opportunity to share that experience with others is immense.”

Hunter unfortunately lost a pair twins boys 33 years ago while she was pregnant.

Tancock has also fallen victim to the loss of an infant twice in her lifetime, and says the residual effects on the family can be ever lasting.

“The grieving process is life long and it’s not something you can just get over, so for us to do this every year is a huge way to honour our whole family because she’s always with us – she’s always in our hearts,” Tancock explained.

Tancock adds, “It’s not a fun journey but it’s a journey that you have to go through no matter what, so by doing this, at least we can celebrate them and feel like a community together.”

Toncock’s work doesn’t end at the event, and if you’d like to become involved, check out the ‘Walk to Remember’ Facebook page.

“If anybody’s interested, we do lily bear baskets to the birthing centre,” Tancock explained of her organization’s ongoing efforts. “Basically, these are baskets that have a teddy bear, a hand made blanket, journal, picture frame, and a little note.”

Tancock concludes, “These go to the families that are going through the process in the hospital because we left empty handed and didn’t want anyone else to have to go thorough that.”