Coach Elena Schmidt said winning in the matter the team did is a great way to establish momentum going forward as the tournament progresses.

“It’s huge. It was in front of the school and everyone. It was one that they had to work for. It wasn’t just the starters that pulled out the win it was the team. It was also a learning experience of having to go out with energy and aggressiveness in the second game compared to having a strong finish in the first,” she explained.

The team’s blocking stood out as the second game progressed and helped NPSS take the win when it looked like the contest was heading towards a third and deciding game.

“The thing that was really strong in this match that I think helped us get that comeback and energy when we needed it was that our blocking was huge. I think we had 10 or more blocks in the match and from different portions of the net so it wasn’t just one person getting all the blocks. It was the team putting up a force there,” Schmidt said.

In other games up to this point the NPSS Oscars senior boys team won their first game over Chetwynd 2-0 (25-10, 25-22), and the NPSS junior Ooks lost to Chetwynd 2-0 (25-18, 25-13).