The Capital Budget is broken down in four segment; Road and other Infrastructure, Facilities, Water and Sewer, and Equipment. The budget within each segment is allocated from the Fair Share Reserve Fund, except for the Water and Sewer budget, which is received from the Development Cost Charges Fund.

The following is a list of the proposed projects budgeted for the 2015-2019 fiscal years:

Road and other Infrastructure

–       Improvements to the Bypass and Frontage roads

–       Transform 100 Street into four lanes

–       Improve 75 Street from 85 Avenue to 93 Avenue

–       Improve 98A Avenue from 93 Street to 94 Street

–       Major maintenance on 85 Avenue from 88 Street to 91 Street

–       Road upgrades on 98 Avenue from 100 Street to 102 Street

–       Road upgrades on 112 Street from 100 Avenue to 102 Avenue

–       Road upgrades on 87 Avenue from 74 Street to 78A Street

–       Road upgrades on 108 Avenue from 96 Street to 98 Street

–       Road upgrades on 97 Avenue from 98 Street to 100 Street

–       Road upgrades on 92 Street from 100 Avenue to 102 Avenue

–       Road upgrade on 91 Avenue from 75 Street to 78A Street

–       Road upgrade on 85 Avenue from 79 Street to East Bypass Road

–       Road upgrade on 110 Street from 100 Avenue to 102 Avenue

–       Sidewalk and streetlights on 86 Street from 89 Avenue to Alaska Highway Frontage road

–       Traffic signals from 100 Street to 117 Avenue

–       Prioritize and phase in new storm sewers

–        Convert street lights into LED

–       Traffic signal control upgrades

–       Pedestrian controlled crosswalks

–       Traffic signal upgrades, i.e. left turn signals


–       Upgrades to the exterior of the North Peace Arena

–       Maintenance on the Charlie Lake Boat Launch rotary washroom

–       Rotary Skate Park refurbishment and washrooms

–       Development of new parks

–       Public Works expansion

–       Improvements to existing parks

–       Upgrades to the North Peace Cultural Centre

–       Urban tourism Sign plan

–       Planning and design renovations to City Hall, including the IT room, boiler and fire suppression

–       Internal and external upgrades to the Curling Club, including renovations to the 2nd floor kids arena i.e. ventilation system, and lighting upgrades

–       Prospects of creating future Matthew’s Park washroom, trails and neighboring parks

–       Refurbishment to the Pomeroy Sports Centre’s bleachers, waste heat recovery, snow chute, meeting/staff room relocation, water treatment for ice making, acoustics and dehumidifier

 Water and Sewage

–       Sewage and lift station upgrades

–       Micro-Hydro construction on south lagoon

–       Complete fencing around south lagoon

–       North lagoon upgrades, including water main looping and fire hydrant installations, high lift pump station, well rehabilitation, refurbishment of the 500 HP pump and HVAC upgrades


–       Purchase a bylaw vehicle

–       Purchase of folder inserter machine

–       Purchase of electronic management system

–       Upgrade Council Chamber’s AV system

–       Purchases for the city also include an excavator, snowblower, street sweepers and a scissor lift to name a few

The city will be holding a public consultation meeting on October 28 inside Council Chambers, an effort to allow the community to learn more about the proposed budget, while also giving council the opportunity to gage the priorities of community members.