The Provincial Government says they will make a final decision before the end of 2014. Both the Federal and Provincial Governments have given B.C. Hydro a list of conditions to meet for the project to move forward.

The Province has given the project 77 conditions that include building 50 rental units in Fort St. John with some for low income housing, providing medical staff for on site care and establish a fund of $20 million to compensate for lost agricultural lands and activities. A full list of conditions can be read below. (can be found at

The Federal Government gave the project 80 conditions.

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment, Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency and Minister for the Arctic Council said “The proposed Site C project is an important one for British Columbia and for Canada as it will support jobs and economic growth while providing clean, renewable energy over the next 100 years. The Site C Clean Energy Project will translate into about 10,000 direct person-years of employment from now until 2024 and when indirect and induced jobs are added in, that figure climbs to 29,000 person-years of employment.”

The third dam on the Peace River currently has an estimated price tag of about 8 billion dollars, and has for decades been the subject of a sharply defined debate.

First Nations in the region have given the Provincial Government an ultimatum, build Site C or LNG and not both. It remains to be seen how that threat will affect the final investment decision.

Hydro insists it will be the source of clean, cost effective electricity, which will annually power the equivalent of 450,000 B.C. homes.

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For the full statement from the Federal Government, click here

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For the list of conditions put on the project by the Provincial Government, click here