However, that’s not the case for Councillors, as there are 12 seeking a seat inside City Hall.

Four of those currently serve on council; three have served prior to 2011, four do not have experience serving at this level of governance, while one hasn’t disclosed his experience, according to Civic Info B.C.

Councillor Terry McFadyen, Councillor Charles Parslow, Councillor Cheryl Shuman, and Councillor Shaely Wilbur would all like to serve another term.

Wayne Dahlen, Paul Gevatkoff and Theresa Gladue are looking to take their previous experience as Councillor into Dawson Creek City Hall.

Johanna Kunz, Justin Pylatuk, Arleene Thorpe, and Kevin Zarifeh think they have the right stuff to represent the city.

Finally, it’s hard to pin down exactly what his experience entails, but Mark Rogers is looking for your vote.