“It’s not about challenges, it’s not about anything else going on in their lives at the time; it’s about the successes,” Executive Director of the association, Cindy Mohr said. “It makes people feel really good. They look forward to the night, they look forward to dressing up and coming to an event that they get recognized at.”

Some accomplishments recognized include ‘Entertainer of the Year’, the ‘Role Model Award’, the ‘Environmental Award’, and the ‘New Outlook on Life Award’ to name a few.

“It’s just nice to celebrate all of the successes, and accomplishments, and the things that are great about them,” Mohr said.

As the 55 awards were being presented, it became clear how important the ceremony is to everybody, as cheers of support from the packed house could be heard during each presentation, a crowd that one may estimate to be in the hundreds.

Mohr goes on to say the night is a time where everybody can forget their troubles, sit back and enjoy their friends, family, food and drinks.

“Never mind the people we support, but we all deal with challenges, work stuff, and everybody has stresses in their lives, Mohr goes on to say. “It’s just nice to look forward to this one night where (fun and recognition) is what it’s about,” Mohr concluded

Mohr also explained how the ceremony came to be six years ago, which was somewhat of an evolutionary process; where as members of the association recognized the AGM, which is held before the awards, as being dry and steering away from their purpose, which lead to more and more fun elements being included until the Red Carpet Awards came to be what they are today.

A big congratulation goes out to all the award recipients.