“This is the third year that they’ve chosen us to do a fundraiser for and then they just donate the funds to us,” Executive Director of the Woman’s Resource Centre, Sherri Williams said.

The money is going towards the continued growth of the centre’s services and the purchasing of new materials like clothes, toothpaste, toilet paper and other essential living items, according to Williams.

There’s already been the development of new services in the resource centre, like offering a certain amount of assistance to men in need, as well as new anti-violence educational programs for the children within the centre.

The service for men is essentially the allowance of them to come into the thrift store on Wednesdays, when the store is closed for cleaning and stocking, to pick up low-cost items, as Williams says there are very few services in Fort St. John tailored to men, especially free ones.

“I ask for donations of clothing so that I can offer to the men as well,” Williams goes on to say. “A lot of these men are the ones living on the street or have jobs but are still struggling,”

Williams adds if a male client comes into the thrift store on another day of the week, a representative from the centre will do their best to meet that gentleman’s need while also steering clear of violating the woman’s trust in the centre to create a stress-free environment; as many of them have just left abusive relationships.

The children’s education program, according to Williams, is the centre’s effort to educate them on what constitutes a healthy relationship, encompassing both physical and verbal abuse.

“”I know from experience myself, that kids grow up thinking what they see at home is right and sometimes that’s not always a good situation,” Williams explained. “…We just feel that if we can educate these kids on what a good relationship is, that it will help them in their futures.”

Williams says she wants to expend her appreciation to anyone who’s contributed donations to the Woman’s Resource Centre.

“I thank the community, I thank rotary; anybody who feels that by giving to us we’re helping the community. We just want to thank them for helping us and partnering with us,” Williams concluded.