For the first game of the season the coaches are hoping to see a strong effort by the team and are tempering their expectations considering Fairview has already been on the ice for pre-season games according to assistant coach Todd Alexander.

“I’m just looking to see that everybody’s working hard. We don’t have too many expectations for the first one out of the gate. We’re playing against a team that played a couple of exhibition games so they might have a little more rust knocked off. Us as coaches are going to have to be sharp on the first game of the year because there’s a lot of things that go on that the guys forget,” he explained.

The defence will be counted on heavily¬†for this year’s team and as the season goes on Alexander expects it will give the Huskies more flexibility when it comes to their game plans for throughout the year.

“I think that we have an older group here this year. We have an excellent defence that can do some good stuff with the puck. That’s what allows us to change things and get a little more complicated is whether or not the kids are picking it up. You can run the best play in the world and if they don’t know what it is, it’s not going to work,” he said.

After tomorrow’s game in Fairview the Huskies will have quite a gap in their schedule as a result of Slave Lake taking a one year leave. The team will next be on the ice for their home opener against the Flyers October 17 at 8 p.m.