Discover unique skills passed down generations during the ‘Day of Discovery’

“A lot of people don’t do any of these skills anymore,” says manger and curator of the museum, Heather Longworth. ”It’s easy to go to the grocery store and but a jar of sauerkraut; it’s easy to just buy pre-made fabric or to go to a hardwood and furniture store and buying your furniture here instead of making it by hand.”

Longworth adds, “It’s a good way to connect people and learn skills that are still used today and that were part of our pioneer era here in Fort St. John.”

Some of the demonstrations include wood working, cooking, as well as spinning and weaving to name a few.

“The Spinning and Weaving Guild is doing those demonstrations, and than we have some individual volunteers who are teaching people how to make sauerkraut,” Longworth explains.

“We have Chris Gillett who’s coming in, and she has a small scarf design business here so she’ll be walking people through that process. Larry Evans is going to do some wood working demonstrations. ”

Longworth says those who attend just might walk away with a spark of interest and take it upon themselves to become more involved and skilled in a specific trade.

“It does give you a practical application in terms of wood working; you can develop an interest in it and end up making your own furniture.”

“Whether it’s wood working, or cooking, or spinning and weaving, all that stuff gives you a sense of satisfaction once you complete that project.”

Day of Discovery is running October 4th from 1 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum and is charging administration by donation.

“This is a great way to come down and get involved in Fort St. John’s past and experience new activities you may not be familiar with,” Longworth concludes.

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