It sounds like something out of a gruesome horror flick, but this type of incident isn’t entirely uncommon for Rose Prairie farmers, as this is the second time it’s being reported in just over a month.

“I talked to the other farmer that it happened to this morning and it’s the exact same circumstances,” says John Stones, a farmer at his family-owned ranch in Rose Prairie, and the most recent victim of this heinous crime. “That’s what happened to my bull.”

Stones says he’s particularly concerned about the proximity in which this crime was perpetrated, as the first discovery was a mile away from where the farmer sleeps, Stones only had to walk a few hundred meters.

“I’m mad because I lost a bull, but I’m really mad because someone was shooting right here in my barnyard,” explains Stones.

Corporal Jodi Shelki of the Fort St. John RCMP says details are limited but has confirmed that police are on their way to Stones’ ranch with a Conservation Officer to investigate further.

“We just found this the other evening, so they (RCMP) are on their way out, Stones says. “I’ve already called and talked to my neighbours and other people I know that have cattle…from other areas in Rose Prairie and North Pine so they’re aware and they’re being vigilant and looking.”

Stones says he sees a pattern in the works, citing claims of three similar mutilations last year during the month of August in the Flatrock area of Cecil Lake and again the year before, during the same season, off of Mile 95.

Stone goes on to say the public needs to step in and help find the culprit.

“We need to get information out so people are looking for suspicious vehicles, and recording licence plate numbers and that sort of stuff,” Stones concludes.