North Peace Justice Society

An alternative to the traditional court process, the North Peace Justice Society provides the valuable service of taking those convicted of a criminal offense (primarily youth but not exclusively) and placing them in environments conducive to the community in an effort to repair the harm caused by the conflict and/or crime.

Some of the local businesses and institutions engaged with the society include the Baptist Church soup kitchen, Northern Lights College, SPCA, Salvation Army and the FSJ Community Gardens to name a few.

On average, the society says they save the province over $220,000 in providing their service, as one case file runs a cost of $1,200 compared to $6,000 if the traditional court system took care of the same incident.

The society is asking the city for $25,000 to help balance their budget, as their primary source of income, 75 per cent to be exact, is dependent of fundraising initiatives, coupled with the province not providing the $2,500 they had in previous years.

Tourism Fort St. John

Tourism Fort St. John had a two-fold presentation; one of which updated council on the progress of their Alaska Highway Interpretive Project, and the other being their request for supplemental financial support.

The interpretive project is a collection of iPad kiosks placed around local businesses and city buildings, but with a little twist.

They essentially work as a tour guide, whereas the user searches for local amenities (i.e. restaurants, banks, parks, ect) and the iPad will provide the closest building and map with directions.

In addition, the kiosks showcase the city’s contribution to historical landmarks like the Alaska Highway and also give suggestion as to what a tourist can do with their spare time in Fort St. John.

The North Peace Airport, Pomeroy Sports Centre and Super 8 Hotel have all agreed to have these iPads installed in their building as the first installations are underway.

As for the financial end of the presentation, they’re looking for a total of $71,000, which would be allocated for a variety of purposes.

A major chunk of the budget request, $25,000, has the planned destination of financing a part-time coordinator for the purpose of streamlining all aspect of Tourism Fort St. John and creating a solid plan to move forward with into the foreseeable future.

The remaining budget would be split among other projects like purchasing more iPad kiosks and hosting stakeholder meeting to assist in the development of the city’s tourism sector.

The North Peace Out-of-School Care Society

The North Peace Out-of-School Care Society says there is an increase in demand for childcare spaces, and as a result, they need to amp up their employees credentials with Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificates or diplomas.

The province mandates that a licensed daycare needs to have at least one ECE staff on the floor at all times.

As three out of the four ECE staff are getting ready for retirement, the society faces the risk of having to close their doors if they can’t find qualified replacements.

The North Peace Out-of-School Child Care Society is a not for profit organization governed by a board of directors, which is comprised of parents and volunteers.

The society says their purpose is to “provide affordable, flexible, quality childcare options for all in a healthy, loving and positive atmosphere for children ages 3 – 12.”

The society is asking the city for $25,000 in hopes of sending two of their employees to Northern Lights College to help them obtain an ECE certificate in an effort to continue running their program.

The North Peace Cultural Centre

The North Peace Cultural Centre is requesting a grant of $233,446 from the City of Fort St. John to continue proving arts and cultural activities/experiences for the North Peace Region.

They’ve also recently created a new addition to the centre, a daycare, which has resulted in the implementation of a 7-day a week operation model.

The centre says they too, like the justice society, are heavily reliant on donations and fundraising, while box office sale of tickets to a variety of shows and programs supply a weak profit margin, as the cost to secure each performer can range anywhere from $15,000 – $50,000.

Last year, the centre managed to secure grants from the City of Fort St. John, District of Taylor, Peace Regional District, B.C. Arts Council and B.C. Touring Council.