“It would be naive to think we’re going to solve this on Wednesday the 17th, but at least we’ll start talking about it,” the founder of the petition, Brad Brain said.

Currently, there are an approximate 24,000 residents living in Fort St. John without a physician and 3,100 signatures attached to the petition so far.

With that in mind, Twila Soule, one of the three original members of the movement, says she’s heard an array of horror stories while gathering community support; everything from residence running out to Dawson Creek just to ensure a timely appointment to seniors being unable to get a refill when their prescription runs dry.

“(Colleague) Lorraine and I have been out on the streets gathering petition signatures and the stories out there are heart-rending,” Soule said. “They are just disturbing.”

Both Soule and Brain say they want to ensure the city, and anyone else involved in the movement, understand their intentions, which is to find a solution to the problem, rather than what they say some believe is a desire to cause political dissonance.

“We’re not here to ruffle any feathers. We’re not here to be confertational. We just want a docor,” Brain said.

Soule added, “I do want to speak again to the fact that we are not here to cause any kind of dissention. That is not our purpose.”

There will be plenty of representatives during Wednesday’s open house to field questions from the public, including those from Northern Heath, NDP Health critic Judy Darcy, MLA Pat Pimm and Doctor Richard Moody to name a few.

The open house forum is being held this Wednesday, September 17, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Fort St. John Senior’s Hall.