According to organizer Brad Brain he hopes the forum will provide the community with a chance to voice their worries on the matter and see what can be done about it.

“There’s a lot of concern in the community about the local health care situation. We’ve got 24,000 people in Fort St. John that don’t have a doctor. What I think we thought was the first step in making some progress on this was getting a chance to let people voice their concerns, ask questions and identify the issues in the first place,” he said.”

He went on to say that the forum needs to provide a clearer picture of what the medical situation is here in Fort St. John.

“Basically cut through some of the political spin that’s been put on this issue, in particular Northern Health who in the past has made media statements that don’t really stand up to scrutiny,” Brain stated. What we want to do is set the record straight and say we’ve got 14 doctors in Fort St. John that have family practices despite what Northern Health says so lets get the cards on the table here and see what the problems are and start working towards solutions.”

Northern Health representatives along with staff from the three levels of government will be invited to attend the session.