Theses priories are to be based on health, safety, and legislative requirements.

The buildings included in the Facilities Master Plan are City Hall, Public Works, RCMP Detachment, and the old Fire Hall.

While discussing what’s seen as a priority at present time, General Manager of Integrated Services, Victor Shopland said the Public Works building, in his opinion, is of the highest priority, as the ventilation system is currently deficient, and improvement are needed for the health and safety of the employees working within the building.

Council seemed to agree.

Next of the current priority list is the old Fire Hall, which is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Fort St. John.

Councilor Trevor Bolin was the one to bring this fact to the table, underlining the city’s desire to transform the building into a multi-use facility, and reiterating the fact that the longer the building sits, the more deteriorated it becomes and the more work necessary.

The RCMP detachment is seen as one of the most expensive projects, and therefore, is of lower priority than the aforementioned buildings.

Some of the issues with the RCMP detachment include the functionality of post-detachment concept versus the municipal detachment, parking requirements, and the determination of provincial funding and grant opportunities, partnerships and cost allocations.

Finally, council was quick to come to a consensus that renovations to City Hall can be put on the back burner for the time being.

There are two phases to this project in anticipation of future growth and the current space allocations for the various departments that work out of City Hall.

The first phase concentrates on access and security, as well as improvements to Council Chambers. The second phase would concentrate on modifications to accommodate increase in staff levels.