Harper was in Langley last night appealing for Tory votes in the next federal election and touted his party’s economic performance during a campaign-style speech to supporters.

Meanwhile, a Professor of Criminology at Simon Fraser University says municipal governments and voters, especially in cities like Fort St. John, could bear the brunt of more than $4 million in funding cuts to the provincial police service.

“It may be that the municipalities are going to be asked to pick up slack,” Professor Robert Gordon explained to CKNW’s Shelby Thom. “If there was no cuts to the municipal budgets as well, and bear in mind those are cities that are footing the bill, it would be interesting to see whether or not there is in fact some kind of moving of money around in envelope – rob Peter to pay Paul.”

The cuts include $1.4 million sliced from the major crimes unit of the RCMP, including Special Projects, which could negatively impact the Highway of Tears missing persons and murder investigation.

Brenda Wilson, who lost her sister two decades ago, says she’s hoping this won’t become a reality.

“I just hope that they reconsider and try to keep a full team on the investigation until police find the answer that needs to be found,” Wilson said.

The body of her sister Ramona was discovered about 20 years ago near Smithers.