“The beginning of August we had a conversation with B.C. General Surgeons where they were taking about the underemployed and unemployed in the Lower Mainland, and it was pointed out to them that we do have a need for surgeons up here,” Mayor Ackerman explained. “They said to us, well if you post the job, we’ll send a dozen surgeons up looking for work.”

Mayor Ackerman’s perception of the association seems to now be somewhat tainted, especially seeing how she herself grew up in a small town on The Prairies.

“What that says to me, is they are not familiar with the province of British Columbia,” Mayor Ackerman said. “We are a vast province, we are a diverse province, and we have a province that provides quality of life in different ways…Yes we live in the north, but the reality is, there’s nothing wrong with living in a small community.”

As the Twitter exchange was only the second time the city and association had made contact, Mayor Ackerman says she’ll be sending out an invitation for them to join the city in a board meeting to discuss how they can move forward with a mutually beneficial relationship.

Overall, Mayor Ackerman said while our city may seem like the only one in the province experiencing this shortage of health care professionals, the situation is spreading from city to city.

“I know people right across this province who are having trouble finding a doctor,” Mayor Ackerman went on to say. “So, we’re not any different than anyone else, and if any other community thinks that they’re fine, give it two years, you won’t be.”