The evacuation alert now covers the area following the Sikanni Chief River on the west, following the western boundary of the Sikanni Chief Management Area to the southwest most point, then southeast across to the junction of PDR 6 and Tommy Lakes Road, then northeast to the source of the Martin Creek and directly north to a point connecting to the West Conroy Creek and following north along Conroy Creek and across back to the Sikanni Chief River. This area is within the oil and gas field areas of Tommy Lakes, Conroy Creek, Laprise Creek and Black Creek.

See the attached map for more information. For the latest information on the fire, click here.

An Evacuation Alert has been issued to prepare you to evacuate your premises should it be found necessary. Backcountry travelers should avoid the area at this time.

The public will be given as much advance notice as possible prior to evacuation; however you may receive limited notice due to changing conditions. Please stay tuned to local media channels for information. Anyone who has concerns for their safety or the safety of others in their area should call the Regional District 24hrs a day at 250 784-3200.