The project really started to gain traction after the Northern Development‘s board of directors approved a $250,000 grant to support a new post and beam information, as well as an interpretive centre that will showcase the area’s local history and unique attractions.

Some of these attractions include a dinosaur fossil tour, a palaeontology research centre, and the Monkman Provincial Park’s Kinuseo Falls, which is larger than Niagara Falls.

“Tumbler Ridge is home to some of the most unique and valuable natural tourist assets in British Columbia and this new facility will help the community promote these attractions and strengthen the local economy,” Chair of the Northern Development Trust, Evan Saugstad said.

The $1.5 million project includes a gift shop, vaulted ceilings, large open spaces, local history section, a meeting room and offices for the local chamber of commerce and community development officer, all of which are fully handicap accessible.

“The Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce is excited to be involved in the operation of the new visitor centre in Tumbler Ridge,” President of the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Roxanne Gulick said.

The trust says the current visitor center is a small, 30 year old building that is only used during the summer months. The new information centre will be open all year around and serve as the main multi-use facility in Tumbler Ridge.

The trust goes on to say that they’re anticipating the facility rentals and souvenir sales inside the new building will generate more than $100,000 in revenue for the community in the next 5 years.