In fact, Meise has already hiked approximately 16,500 kilometres and is just about to reach Fort St. John.

“Today, I’m officially going to walk into Fort St. John and then I am just going to walk about a kilometre short of my 18,000th kilometre because tomorrow is my birthday, so I want to celebrate the 18,000th kilometre in Fort St. John on my birthday,” Meise said on his final day before turning 40.

Meise says he’s wanted to break the record since being a young boy, and has found inspiration in his father, who continues to live in a permanent care home at Simon Fraser Lodge after suffering a stroke and loosing the ability to walk.

“He’s a huge inspiration for me, you know, life is short and you never know what’s going to happen,” Meise explained, going on to say he promised his dad that he would “walk enough for the both us.”

“Follow your dream is basically the big message. I know it sounds cliché, but until you have something effect your life like I did,” Meise said, adding his father also had a brain aneurysm before the stroke when Meise was just a child, watching him for years trying to regain the ability to walk.

The journey will end for Meise when he reaches Inuvik, a small town in the Northwest Territories. That is until the arctic freeze is underway, at which point Meise plans to do the last 90 kilometres around the Arctic Ocean.