Inspector Pat Egan says as part of their Annual Performance Plan, the detachment’s priorities are drug trafficking and possession, as well as traffic incidents and control.

“Drug enforcement is a priority for the detachment, and I’m happy to say that the city recognizes the problem as well,” Inspector Egan said.

 Egan says cocaine trafficking is up by 3 per cent, while cocaine possession is down, only by 1 per cent. Meanwhile, marijuana trafficking is down, again only 1 per cent, while possession is up 4 per cent. 

The city has only seen 1 fatal motor vehicle collisions in 2014, similar to the 1 incident at the same time in 2013. However, motor vehicle collisions resulting in injury is up by 14 per cent, while vehicles damaged are also up, 16 per cent. 

The highest number Egan presented is theft from vehicles, which is up 26 per cent, while the actual theft of vehicles is also up, 15 per cent.

“We did have, sort of, a one off rash of thefts from vehicles in the early part of this year and fortunately we had some arrest made and the problem sort of stopped” Inspector Egan explained, adding the ‘bait car’ recently implemented into the city is anticipated to have an even greater impact in deterring vehicle theft,.

Arson, break and enter of businesses, as well as break and enter of residential homes are all up; 14 per cent, 12 per cent and 2 per cent respectively. 

Local RCMP has seen an increase in aggravated assault by 11 per cent, while sex offences are down 9 per cent. Calls of uttering threats are also down, 7 per cent.  

Theft is down 20 per cent, shoplifting is down 6 per cent and vandalism is also down, 11 per cent.