The projected final cost to construct the building is $12.5 million including taxes, representing a 13 per cent increase.

The Fire Hall was originally tendered at $10.8 million, which was sufficient for the construction of the building, excluding some landscaping and final lift of pavement.

One of the major setbacks was the hydro connection off of 93 Avenue, which was unavailable for the site resulting in the unanticipated extra cost of heating, hoarding and “dealing with less than ideal site condition.”

City staff says they’ll manage to re-coup a good portion of this expenditure if it makes the decision to sell the remaining 1.64 acres of the site, estimated at $960,000.

They also say the late request is in part due to the inability to capture the various accounts related to the construction of the Fire Hall into the 2014 Capital Budget.

As of December 2013, the Facility Expansion and Upgrade account balance is $859,693.