Councillor Gord Klassen led the conference, as Mayor Lori Ackerman is out of town, and said Hudson’s Hope residents are asked to register at the Emergence Social Services Reception Centre, located at 9805, 96th Avenue.

That’s where you’ll be provided information in regards to food, clothing and lodging.

If you have plans to stay elsewhere with family or friends, the district is sill asking for you to register at the centre, or call 250-787-8182. to ensure you’ve been accounted.

“As people come to town, we need them to head to the North Peace Arena and report there so we know their whereabouts, and also we can assist them if they need that,” Klassen said.

Klassen also says there’s a need for pastor and feed to accommodate larger animals, as well as other volunteer initiatives, which can be forwarded on a new Facebook page or by calling 250-794-5178.

Klassen is also reminding residents of Fort St. John to conserve their water usage. 

He says there’s not currently a water shortage, however if the Mt. McAllister fire directly reaches Hudson’s Hope, we may experience power outages that will limit the ability to continue filling the city’s water reservoirs from the Peace River.

Residents are asked to not use water for washing vehicles, watering lawns, filling hot tubs, pools and ponds, ect. 

Finally, Klassen says Highway 29 has been closed as a result of the fire and evacuation.  

The highway is closed from the north end of Moberly Lake to the Peace View Rest Area near Hudson’s Hope.