Information Officer, Jill Kelsh says the overnight rainfall helped calm the flames, and it’s now raging at a reported 16,000 hectares in size, compared to previous reports of 20,000 hectares.

There are no reports on whether firefighters are directly on the scene at this moment; however, Kelsh confirmed both firefighters and heavy equipment are being mobilized to fight the blaze throughout the day.

Overnight, the wildfire was too active to be directly addressed, and firefighters could do nothing but anxiously wait until a better opportunity arose.

“When the fire was too extreme and unsafe for firefighters, we didn’t have them on there, we just had them ready and waiting,” Kelsh explained. “It did slow down a bit with this weather.”

Once today’s storm clears, Kelsh says helicopter patrol will be in the air, looking for smoke and possibly other fires that were ignited by lightning.