If you are a resident of Hudson’s Hope, please go register at the North Peace Arena.  If you need accommodations go there.  If you will be staying with family, please still check in at the arena or by calling 250-787-8182.
If you want to offer your help to the residents of Hudson’s Hope, please call 250-794-5178.

Places for Evacuees to stay

If you have a place for evacuated residents to stay, please visit this special Facebook page and provide you information.  You can also call 250-794-5178.  Here is the link to the Facebook Page:  http://on.fb.me/1mMPoRK


The North Peace SPCA will be helping residents of Hudson’s Hope with pets. Here is a message from the SPCA – With our nearby community of Hudson Hope being evacuated, we wanted to let our supporters know how you can help. Evacuees of Hudson’s Hope and surrounding areas will be going to the REC CENTRE with their animals, and we will be helping provide crates. We are looking for volunteers to help organize and load crates right away today. If you have a crate that you would like to lend, please label it with your name and phone number and drop it off to the shelter ASAP.The shelter will also be available to care for animals as needed.

 Conserve Water

The City of Fort St. John is asking residents to conserve water at this time.  Here is the message from the City of Fort St. John – In reaction to the Peace River Regional District placing the District of Hudson’s Hope on evacuation alert, the City of Fort St. John is asking residents of Fort St. John and users of the rural water filling station to conserve water usage. We ask that you not use water for washing vehicles, watering lawns, filling hot tubs, pools and ponds, etc.  There is not a water shortage, however if the Mt. McAllister fire reaches Hudson’s Hope we may experience power outages that will limit our ability to continue filling the city water reservoirs from the Peace River. Protecting our reservoir levels will ensure that residents are not without water in their homes and we will be able to provide water for firefighting efforts should they be needed.