Poll on Canadian opinion of Northern Gateway Pipeline significantly differ

“It would appear that Canadians, and especially British Columbians, are split on whether or not this was the right decision or wrong decision, and that was the question we asked,” the pollster, Shachi Kurl said.

Kurl says the 209 conditions set out by the federal government may have “tempered some of the opinion on this issue.”

“About 37 per cent of Canadians say that it was the right decision, 34 per cent, so just about as many, say it was the wrong decision, and fully a third say they aren’t sure at all,” Kurl explained.

The numbers for British Columbians show 38 per cent say it was the right decision, 40 per cent say it was the wrong decision, while the remainder say they aren’t sure.

This poll also found that 68 percent of British Columbians surveyed believe the pipeline will be built.


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