2nd Peace Pathfinder Leader, Bonnie Isenberg says the girls went above and beyond to receive 1 of 90 grants given out by the Girl Guides of Canada, not only planting trees, but also building animal habitats like duck boxes, bird houses and bat boxes.

“The girls came up with different ideas about why Fort St. John would be the best to have the trees planted,” Isenberg explained. “They wanted to help feed the animals, preserve the wildlife and help the environment. They put all these ideas together and we submitted the letter to the Girl Guides of Canada, and we got one of the grants.”

Isenberg says one of the conditions to receive the grant is securing a partner or sponsor to help with the process, and that’s where the City of Fort St. John stepped up to the plate.

Sonia Runacres from the Grounds Department attended a meeting, taught the girls about planting, helped to pick out trees and even dug some holes.

“She is a true role model, and her love for nature has given the girls a true appreciation for conservation and preservation of the environment,” Isenberg said. 

Isenberg also thanks the City of Fort St. John for being a partner in this event, and the grounds and facilities staff for assisting the girls with the tree planting.

The girls have also made a pledge to reuse fabric bags and recycle even more than before.

“We are all so proud of the girls and their hard work in completing their tree planting for their National Service Project,” Isenberg goes on to say.