The funds will go towards bussing 1,141 students living in Area B, 1,012 students in area C, and 15 students living in Area D.

Superintendent of School District 60, Dave Sloan says the previous fee for bussing students in the aforementioned rural areas will now be waived.

“The Regional District will continue to work with Trustees and School Parent Advisory committees to advocate to the provincial government to look at the bussing formula for the North,” Electoral Area Director and Chair of the Peace River Regional District, Karen Goodings said.

Board of Education chair, Jaret Thompson says the district looks forward to working to have to Ministry of Education address the financial shortfall in transportation and other areas in our education system.

The shortfall comes after the ministry removed the transportation budget line item and replaced it with a Student Location Factor.

This change resulted in $541,000 less in revenue even though the district was already spending approximately $200,000 more than they received, according to the district.