“LNG is a cleaner, cheaper energy source for northern communities,”  said Premier Clark. “This letter of intent is another milestone for the development of B.C.`s LNG industry – not just for export, but also here at home.”

The letter of intent is a sign of commitment between the province and industry to build a “small network of LNG facilities throughout northern B.C.”

The first phase is building of an LNG facility in Dawson Creek, initially serving larger customers in the power generation, space heating and oil and gas industry, and through development, move into the homes and lives of residents of northern communities as an alternative to diesel.

AltaGas expects to deliver 500,000 gallons per day of LNG by the end of the decade, a capital investment of approximately $250,000,000.

“AltaGas is working to bring cleaner, more affordable energy to British Columbians,”  said Lowe. “We look forward to working with the province to make LNG a viable option for B.C residents and industry, and to help establish a competitive LNG export industry in the province as well.”

The premier signed the agreement as part of her tour of natural gas development in the northeast.