However, given his background as an environmental activist from 1971 – 1986, Moore has offered a somewhat fresh position on why he believes some environmentalists are off course.

He begins his pipeline defense where many other supporters begin, noting Canada depends on its natural resources for much of its economic prosperity.

However, he also says no nation in the world has any better environmental standards than this one and he suggests as proposed, this project does nothing to challenge them.

“I don’t think the environmental movement should be in charge of our national energy intrigue policy, they should be critiquing the technology, making sure it’s built as well as it should be,” Moore said. “You know, they’re putting it though mountains so it won’t be susceptible to land slides. There’s no point along this very long pipeline where it’s above ground.”

Moore has a PhD in Ecology and a Bachelor of Science in Forest Biology.

He notes the goal of environmental movement to end the world wide use of fossil fuels would ultimately result in the death of half the world’s population.

Moore said he left Greenpeace because “it took a sharp turn to the political left and evolved into an organization of extremism and politically motivated agendas”.