For the most part, there was an overwhelming theme of connectivity between seniors and services.

Some attendees pointed to a lack of assisted living houses while others expressed disappointment towards the distance between the bus stop and hospital, with Mayor Lori Ackerman supporting the voice of disapproval, explaining the “safety concern” is a stipulation of Northern Health and not of the city.

In regards to assisted living, a Better at Home representative pointed to the lack of employees or volunteers available to fill the need of drivers and house keepers, adding there’s a certain standard in place to ensure senior’s vulnerability is not being taken advantage.   

Conversation fueled surrounding low income seniors, the cost of essential medical services and the lack of rentals, let alone accommodating rooms, available in our community.

During the topic of our hospital, some pointed to the extended 8 months or more a person will spend receiving an alternative level care bed, while Mackenzie says the average in Victoria is 2 weeks.

There’s also concern when it comes to socialization in the sometimes uncomfortable hospital environment.