That’s eleven less or 4.1 per cent less, than the previous year.

It is also 50 less than the average total for the five year period ending in 2012, and the lowest number dating all the way back to 1996.

Here in the North Central Region, the number was down to 47 from 62 in 2011, and 71 in 2010.

It was also well below the region’s average of 61 for the five year period ending in 2012.

Still according to Allan Lamb, the Road and Traffic Safety Manager with the Justice Institute, there are reasons for travel concern in areas like this one, and among other things, he focused on road construction.

“We find that whenever there are undivided highways, no barriers for example, down the centre line, than we do get a lot of vehicles passing over into other lanes and head-on crashes sadly often result in fatal crashes,” Lamb explained.

The crash data is gathered from reports completed by police or submitted by the public to police.

It also shows on a province wide basis, about 52 per cent of those killed 2012 ranged in age from 26 – 65.

That was down about 2 per cent from 2011 and about 5 per cent from the aforementioned five year average period.