Fassbender adds the last few days have been productive, and although he wasn’t present, he’s heard from those who were.

He says the government handed over a comprehensive proposal to the B.C. Teachers Federation and it will be examined today, as teachers have closed schools across the province for what is being called a study session.

This followed a new offer from the union on Friday, initiating new hope for a negotiated settlement, which extended to the Premier’s office.

“For the first time, they brought a new proposal to the table. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high but I believe it is possible that we can get an agreement at the bargaining table,” says Premier Christy Clark, adding “It is time to put an end to having kids in the middle of this problem. They didn’t ask for the problem, they didn’t ask for the disagreement, but they’re the ones at the moment paying the price for it and that’s not ok.”    

The two sides are trying to avert a full scale strike scheduled for tomorrow, which could prematurely end the school year.