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It notes economic questions about the mega-project were raised by last month’s joint review panel report, which claims the dam would likely be “the largest provincial public expenditure of the next twenty years.”

“We have absolutely no confidence that this is the least cost plan,” Executive director of the Association of Major Power Customers of B.C, Richard Stout said.

The association represents about twenty of the largest employers and industrial customers in the province.

“It is unusual for us to criticize a government of this stripe, but BC Hydro has been out of control for a good ten years,” Stout contends, adding “any other business would have been declared bankrupt by now.”

The story also quotes Craig Thomson, the Energy and Environment Supervisor at Canfor’s Taylor pulp mill, and Dan Potts, Former Executive Director of the Association of Major Power Customers of B.C.

Potts believes the lasting legacy of Site C will be of wealth destruction.

“The huge cost will rob the province of valuable resources that could be used to deliver other needed government services, as well as burden the B.C. economy with debt and high electric power rates that will sap our competitiveness,” said Potts.

Thomson says he doesn’t want the province poised as a poster child of mismanaged spending of public funds.

“I think the cost of hydro-electric dam construction is so astronomical that no one will ever do it again and we’re going to have this huge white elephant,” Thomson said.  

A decision on the third hydroelectric dam on the Peace River will be made by the federal and provincial governments this fall.

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