Results from May sale of crown petrolium & natural gas rights

The final number of parcels offered was 23, but only 19 of them were purchased.

They covered 11500 hectares and the average price per hectare was $1487.

The May sale pushed the calendar year-to-date bonus bid total to $80 million.

The monthly total was a decided improvement over the April post of $10.4 million.

However, it was less than both the $19.8 million and $25.4 million, in March and February respectively.

The 2014 total has fallen even further off last year’s pace, as the May sale in 2013 generated $21 million for the government and pushed the five month total to nearly $118 million.

The next sale is set for June 18th, but to date only five parcels are offered covering less than 7500 hectares.


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