Jordynn McPherson says she enjoys the game and looks forward to having some familiar faces join her on the team for the summer games. However she admits after she tried out for the team she was worried about her odds of making the cut after sustaining a foot injury.

“I like to play soccer so I’m just excited to go to Nanaimo to play. I was really excited when I found out. It’s good to know that some people from your own town will be there that you know so you’re not feeling so alone,” she says. “I felt pretty good. One of my practices though I did hurt my foot so I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to make it because I got hurt. I was a little scared that I wasn’t going to make the team because of my injury.”

Also making the trip will be twin forwards Shaun and Shay Zeunert. They say the try outs were a draining process but are looking forward to taking part in the B.C. Summer Games.

“It’s really exciting. It was long try outs and we had to play really hard. We didn’t know if we made the team. We were worried but excited. We’re kind of nervous because we haven’t done this before but we’re also really excited,” the Zeunerts said.

The B.C. Summer Games will be held from July 17-20.