Secretary Treasurer Doug Boyd says the fees are being based off of two methods with a more cost friendly option available if the money is paid by mid July.

“We have set up two fee schedules. One is if paid before July 15. The fee structure will be $200 for one student, $400 for two students, and three or more would be $500,” he says. “If paid after July 15 the fee would be $250, $500, and $625 respectively.”

He adds that even with the fees, the approximately $700,000 funding shortfall for transportation in 2014/2015 is not entirely covered. Efforts will also be made to assist families who may have difficulty in paying the fees.

“These are not fees that are covering the whole cost. They are to supplement the shortage. We are looking at collecting approximately half of what our shortfall will be through this means,” Boyd explains. “Hardship cases will be dealt with on an individual basis and we’ll work with the communities to assist anyone that has difficulty with it.”

Covering the shortfall in the transportation budget for this fiscal year has costed the school district $370,000.