The Series leaders for men and women are Bob Andrews and Sandy McDonald both with 20 points,

Dawitt Feyissa is leader of the under 19 year olds with 10 points.

Tuesday night’s race was won by Sandy McDonald, who completed both 2 km runs and the 10 km bike in 35:23,

Bob Andrews was second in 36:26 and Gord Harris third in 38:02.

The following times were as follows:

Heather McCracken with 39:29, Ursala Kroetsch in 40:33 and Jolea Bilodeau with 42:38.

Tanner McCracken won the short event of 1-8-1 km with a time of 29:30 which was also a personal best of the season.

The final Duathlon in the series will be held next Tuesday at Baldonnel at 7 pm.

Meanwhile, the First Cactus Race of the season is on Wednesday night at 7 pm and Thursday’s Baldonnel time trial will also be held at 7 pm.

Sunday’s Cecil lake 70 k road race will begin at 10 am, with a 40 k ‘Civilized Distance’ available as well.