“Miss Clark said we were going to lead the country in job creation but we’re number eight,” Horgan said. “We’re also looking at 400 jobs being lost in Tumbler Ridge, that’s a big chunk of the population.”

Horgan says part of his job creation initiative is to support Northern Lights College and secure their ability to meet some of the challenges of re-training skilled workers.

Horgan also says he wants to ensure HD Mining “is doing everything it can to try and absorb some of these displaced mine workers.” He says the best way to combat long training programs is by situating these workers in positions which don’t require lots of experience such as processing and cleaning.

Health care is another important issue for Horgan and he says the influx in population has the potential of bringing with it addiction, mental health issues and other needs which require an increase of physicians and health care professionals.

“Government has the responsibility to make sure not just the roads are paved and that you have adequate access to training, but also that the services people need [are available to them],” says Horgan.

Horgan also wants to see bonuses and incentives giving to Northern residents in Fort St. John, whether they’re doctors, nurses or people within industry.

“If you’re going to have people put roots down in communities rather than them just be transitory, they want to know that they have access to health care, they have the best opportunities for education for their children,” Horgan adds. “Those are the responsibility of the crown, of the province and we need to ensure that we’re making those investments.”