In the document signed by Mayor Bill Streeper it says, “NRRM Mayor and Regional Council were not associated with the organization & coordination of the BC First Nation LNG Summit that was held in the NRRM Recreation Centre. Nor did the NRRM have anything to do with booting the industry and government representatives from the meeting. Attendance at the Summit was by First Nation invitation only. Regional Council disagrees with the action to ask specific persons to leave the Summit and deeply regrets the discriminatory exploitation and treatment of Government and Industry representatives that was deemed to be conducted ‘respectfully.'” 

It goes on to say that Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Recreation Centre is open the public and further questions the actions of the Fort Nelson First Nation given that the theme of the summit was “Striking a Balance”. The NRRM continues by stating the actions against government officials “conveys an opposing, negative message that serves to divide and separate.”

According to the NRRM statement government and industry representatives were told at the summit the Fort Nelson First Nation territory is not open for business for Shale Gas and LNG activities unless approval has been first obtained by Fort Nelson First Nation. The NRRM states however that “As the local government authority for the entire Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Regional Council strongly affirms that the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is open for business.” 

Government employees were asked to leave after plans were revealed that sweet gas producing plants being exempted from automatic environmental assessment. The decisions was quickly reversed by the government after further consideration.

The document can be seen by clicking the provided attachment.