Taxpayers to pay more following release of latest provincial budget

But taxpayers will pay more in other ways.

Notably, health-care premiums will increase once again in January, by about four per cent.

That will cost a family with children an extra $5.50 a month.

Tobacco taxes are going up by $3.20 per carton.

The Home Owner Grant gets slightly worse for people with homes worth between $1.1 million and $1.3 million dollars, while the First Time Home Buyers’ credit gets slightly better, with a higher exemption.

Most of the tax savings in the budget apply to businesses, such as an extension to a scientific research tax credit and a mining credit.

The budget document includes a plan to implement a 146-million-dollar Early Childhood Tax Credit, but that was introduced in last June’s budget and it doesn’t start until April of next year.


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