Ryan Carter is the President for the Fort Nelson Yeti. He says the weekend was positive with many fans out to support the local team

“It was a very successful weekend. Our arena was packed. It was a real good showing for the town here,” he explains. “It was our first time [here] this year so there was a lot of excitement around town. Really good atmosphere. A lot of families excited to see that kind of hockey back in town; a lot of people looking forward to FortSt. John at the end of the month.” 

Carter says that the feedback from the Barons was positive as they were impressed by the fans and the facility the Yeti play in.

“They’re first place in their league and they took it to us pretty good Saturday night. They were really appreciative; they play in an area where there is a lot of competition for fans. They were really happy with the excitement and how they were treated up here. They were a good group of guys and were impressed with the arena. We have a really nice arena, fan support, and things like that. From their perspective it was a great weekend as well.”

Carter and the Yeti intend to attend the North Peace Hockey League’s spring meeting and put forward another proposal. Their previous proposal to join the league was denied due to concerns over travel time. If that proposal fails, the Yeti will then turn their attention to another league or remain playing as an independent team. A date for the spring meeting has not been set yet.

The series between the Yeti and Senior Flyers in Fort Nelson will be played on January 25 and 26.