Manager Warren Mears also says more than 900 bears were donated back to the store, meaning the distribution total will be over 3,500. 

Mears upped his inventory this year after hearing a couple of branches were challenging his store for the top spot. One of those was Dawson Creek, which sold the second highest amount of bears at 1,725, almost six per cent of sales across the province. In third was the Prince George Pine Centre Mall location, which distributed 1,451 bears in 2013. 

Tarina Palmer, Senior Communications Program Officer for the B.C. LDB applauds the northern B.C. stores and their staff for working to sell so many bears each year. 

“It’s tremendous. It really shows the spirit of the smaller communities around the province,” she says. “I think this is a bigger event in the smaller communities and therefore has a greater resonance and people really have a greater sense of community spirit.” 

For those not familiar with the program, for every bear purchased by a customer, there’s a twin supplied by the LDB for local charity distribution.