If it’s accurate, it could get the snowfall and precipitation totals for the month more than two and half times past the December norms. They’re already way past double those averages at 72.2 centimetres and 69.3 millimetres, with the latest additions coming Friday at 5.1 centimetres and 5.2 millimetres. 

However, those were not the December 13th record totals predicted by Environment Canada and, despite going well above freezing, the Saturday and Sunday highs also fell short of record territory. The Saturday high at the local airport weather office was plus three, but the December 14, 1987 record is 8.7. 

The Sunday high, although even warmer at 5.1, was even further off the December 15, 1980 record, which is the warmest December temperature on record for this area at 11.4 degrees, which is also nearly 35 degrees warmer than Wednesday morning’s forecast low.