Meantime, the Thursday precipitation total was 9.4 millimetres, and that also surpassed a 1971 record of 6.9. 

As for those month-to-date, 12 day totals, they are both now more than double the December norms. As noted, the snowfall total is up to 67.1 centimetres, and the precipitation total has jumped to 64.2 millimetres. 

Again we note the December averages are 32.4 and 26.5 , respectively. 

The good news this morning is the snowfall warning for the Peace has been lifted. However, if the Fort St. John forecast is accurate, the snowfall respite will be a brief one with another five to 10 centimetres estimated for tonight. 

The other goods news, depending on the wind velocity associated with it, comes in the form of weekend warming with above freezing forecast highs 20 to 25 degrees warmer than the current temperature.