That being the case, Warren Mears says he’s pushing the distribution envelope and has upped his inventory to 2,640 bears, which is 240 more than last year.

“We’re pretty pumped and we’re pretty excited,” he says. “We got a little more motivation; more than usual. It’s just that we have some stores that said, ‘You know what? You guys had it long enough. We want it,’ and we’re saying, ‘well, I’m sorry, Fort St. John isn’t going to let you have it.'”

He says sales are already over 1,700, meaning the local store is nearly two-thirds of the way to another sellout by the Christmas Eve deadline of 6 p.m. 

For those not familiar with the program, for every bear purchased by a customer, there’s a twin waiting in an LDB warehouse for local charity distribution. In addition, that total is annually boosted by many customers who return their purchased bears, and last year’s local branch distribution total was 3,142. 

In addition, this year, as a token of appreciation for past support, the local branch has four duplicate, but oversized, bears, and they will be given out as prizes in December 24th contest draws. All local branch customers can enter, whether they purchase a bear or not, by simply filling out an entry form, at the customer service draw box, where the bears are now on display.