“We can’t take emergency calls yet so we’re still running out of both places,” he says. “It’s technical work that they’re working on that they’ve run into difficulty with.” 

While all the apparatus needed to fight a fire is still being stored at the old hall, office administration is now working out of the new building. Everything the firefighters need for a callout is on hand, but some of the equipment for clean up after is at the new home. 

“If we use air at a fire we have to bring it down here to reload it right now because our compressor and refill stations have been relocated here, which was a fairly big job so we had to get it done when we could,” explains Burrows. 

Telus has indicated it may be able to switch the 9-1-1 lines over today, but there’s no guarantee. In the meantime, Burrows is confident the fire department will be able to respond to any calls appropriately.