An article in the Globe and Mail quotes Calvin Sandborn, legal director of the environmental law clinic at UVic, as saying there is reason to worry, as some oil and gas facilities are already close to local schools, and thousands more wells are expected for the region.

Regulations allow for the drilling of wells within 100 metres of public places, and the report shows some schools in the Peace Region already have more than 20 wells within 2,000 metres. 

Sandborn has written a letter to Premier Christy Clark asking her to create a minimum setback distance of 1,500 metres for sour gas wells and pipelines containing sour gas and require gas leak detection systems at schools. 

Peace Region school officials say they’re comfortable with current safety and evacuation plans, but School District 60 Assistant Superintendent Stephen Petrucci admits, “It’s definitely not something we can be complacent about.”

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