Head Coach Gary Alexander was clearly frustrated after the game with the team’s effort. 

“We were never in the game. We got lucky and got a goal to make it 2-1 before the end of the second, but we really ever applied ourselves out there,” he admits. “There was no real connective effort; no support for one another. It was a pretty pathetic effort out there tonight; I wasn’t pleased with any of it.” 

Alexander says that from top to bottom it was simply a very poor game with the team failing to execute any of the fundamentals of hockey.

“We’ve had some decent goaltending but it hasn’t been as good as it was in the beginning either. A lot of that we can blame on our defensive structure and our work ethics and our attitudes,” he says. “There isn’t anything that I could point to that we did well tonight. We didn’t play our positions, we didn’t pass the puck, we didn’t get pucks deep, we didn’t get pucks out; we just did everything wrong and nothing right.”

With Grande Prairie making the trip to FortSt. John tomorrow, Alexander knows that the team must be ready to compete and hopes they can replicate some of their previous efforts against the JDA Kings.

“We have to have somebody go out there and start the game like they mean to win it right off the bat and lead the way and set an example for the rest of them to follow,” he explains. “We can’t have somebody go out there and not put that big effort that we need right off the bat and think that we’re going to produce. It has to start with the drop of the first puck and carry on throughout the game. That’s what we did when we beat Grande Prairie in Grande Prairie that night and we’ve totally turned that off ever since.”

The lone Huskies goal was scored by Dayne Pedersen in the first period. The goal was unassisted. The final shots were 42-29 in favour of Dawson Creek.

The Huskies take on the Grande Prairie JDA Kings in their next contest Friday night at the North Peace Arena at 8 p.m.