Lieutenant Colonel Terry Kopan says the Fort St. John Cadets had been with the Kamloops-based Rocky Mountain Rangers since the 1985.

“This is a change of affiliation for the local cadet core. An affiliation is an identity army cadet cores in Canada enjoy usually to a reserve unit or regular force unit,” he explains. “Due to a number of changes in the Canadian Forces and now the positioning of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Edmonton, a decision has been made to switch the affiliation to that cadet core.”

Kopan says the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry is a historic group that will offer stronger backing to the FortSt. John cadets.

“The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry is a very storied regular force regiment,” he states. “What that means to the local cadet core is an opportunity for better support because the cadet core is closer to Edmonton than it is to Kamloops, and that regiment is better positioned to provide the support.” 

The change in affiliation comes just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry. The official anniversary is on August 10, 2014.