Nearly 70 members of Treaty 8, Peace Valley Environmental Associations, local ranchers, farmers, and other supports took part in a grand entry, led by Dane-zaa drummers. Each of them left an object or artefact in front of the panel that represents the history and the hope they have for the Peace River Valley. 

Treaty 8 Tribal Chief Liz Logan also presented a Treaty 8 medallion to the members of the panel, and asked each of them to hold it. 

B.C. Hydro will present next, followed by a topic specific session on the need, purpose and alternatives of the project.

The public hearing process for the Site C Clean Energy Project will run until late January 23, with meetings in several B.C. and Alberta Peace cities and Aboriginal communities. When the public hearings are over, a report will be submitted to the federal Minister of the Environment and the Executive Director of the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office.